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Method name [stub for all methods]

Alternative names for this method: One Method, Another Method, Someone else's Method


Summary of method in a few lines

Expected benefits

Statement of the benefits of using this method

When is it applicable?

Description of when it should or can be used, lifecycle steps etc.

What training, equipment, licences do you need to have?

What you need before you start; training, equipment, licenses needed

Description of method

Planning beforehand

What you have to do to prepare yourself for using this method

Running the method

steps involved in running the method

Analysing the outputs

how to analyse the outputs

Reporting the results

things to note when writing up the report

Variants on the above

any variants to be noted under any of the above headings if there are none, then [NIY] will do!

Quality control

standards to be met for a quality implementation of the method

What next?

next steps - methods for downstream

More information

In print

a list of books and journals where the method is explained


a list of URIs to web sites with more information about the method

Case studies

a list of case studies using the method, online is good

Other methods that could be used instead

other methods that can be used instead, similar methods

History of this page and contributors

a list of dates of change and contributor names, and acknowledgements

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